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PushAuction was founded in 2006 by Dr Larry Cheung to help eBay sellers to manage their selling business.

PushAuction's mission is to become one of the best online channel management (OCM) solution providers worldwide, with a focus on the eBay platforms.

Unlike other information based auction management tools, PushAuction adopts cutting-edge Workflow Management (WFM) technology in its web-based solution. We propose an activity level management approach in order to empower sellers to have better control of their daily business operations. The primary advantage of our solution is improved efficiency within the business. By automating many of the processes within selling business and establishing procedure that is consistently followed, unnecessary steps are eliminated, and every member of the team is fully aware of his or her responsibilities.

PushAuction emphasizes to support eBay sellers to carry out international trading. To make it possible, our platform supports multiple currencies, multiple eBay sites, multiple eBay account as well as multiple users. In order to provide the best-fit total solution, we had even running our own eBay trading business before our development initiated to make us thoroughly understand sellers' needs. Currently, our team has nearly twenty members, mostly new generation computer genius, and it keeps growing. We intend to use advance IT technologies, such as workflow management, knowledge management and intelligent agent system to perfect PushAuction system and make it the best solution in the world.

PushAuction also provides human based supports to selected sellers at the moment. We assist sellers to perform certain regular support tasks, such as preparing dispatching orders, replying emails and so on. By introducing advanced technologies to our system, it is expected that this services will be largely extended in coming future. We encourage sellers to spend more time on their strategic and tactic planning, and leave the rest to us.

We welcome collaboration and partnering with any commercial organizations and non-commercial organizations who interest in researching and developing ecommerce solutions.


List items to global eBay marketplaces at ease, and manage them with confidence and efficiency.


Simplify inventory management and speed up product sourcing with purchase order, stock-in and stock-out monitoring.


Auto acquire orders from eBay, create bulk shipping labels speedily, and keep track of delivery status.

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Most importantly, your listings would be compatible with all the modern mobile devices, such as IOS and Android.


Reply eBay messages likes handling emails, and stay in close relationship with customers worldwide.


While a potential buyer is viewing one of your items, showing your other items may encourage additional transactions.


Why choose PushAuction?

PushAuction is more than a lister tool.It is a total solution for eBay business, and one of the most complete eBay tools throughout the world.

Our design is very suitable for managing cross border trade.

PushAuction is ranked as number one in Asia no matter counted from listing number or user scale!

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