Our simple inventory management would be your best guard in enhancing product sourcing, purchase order management, and logistics management. You can have a quick sign of your inventory status at any time and any place.

SKU-based design

Our inventory management is SKU based design. Each product is assigned with a unique code which is the basic unit for tracking item. SKU design helps standardizing product stock-in and stock-out as well as classification. From PO to sales till stock movements are fully traceable.

Multi-warehouse management

System supports multi-warehouse management. It not only can be used to manage many physical warehouses, but can also be used as virtual warehouses to tracking defective goods, etc.

Stock alert

In comparison with predefined stock alert figures and physical in-stock quantity, system would remind you with shortage or out-of-stock products. As a result, you would stay in update with inventory status and make responsive purchases.

Excel upload and download

You can export the inventory data at any time. You are also allowed to import data to update inventory through Excel files. If you are using multiple systems to manage business, our upload and download feature enables instant data synchronization between them with no hassle at all.

Purchase order

Our purchase order (PO) system supports bulk purchase orders creation. In addition, it also integrates with stock-alert functionality which allows you to create purchase orders for out-of-stock and shortage products on the fly. It is easy to use and helpful in strengthening PO creation efficiency.