The leading listing management is our most proudly feature! Our smart lister facilitates you to save your time on creating fantastic listings for up to eighty percent. It helps you focus more on expanding your business.

Meticulous completeness

Our lister is very functionally complete which covers almost all features in eBay platform, from the item variations to car accessories and so on. The user interface is tidy and close to eBay platform and it is really easy to use.

Modular design

Modular design, a basic concept of our system, is geared for facilitating frequently-used data in a more effective way. For instance, different version of seller descriptions can be saved separately, and load up appropriate one when creating listing without retyping. The avoidance of repetitive inputs not only enhances efficiency, but also eliminates the chances of making unnecessary mistakes.

Intelligent scheduler

The intelligent rule-based scheduler is overwhelming in making all possible schedule patterns. For instance, you can schedule one certain item to be listed to specific site within specific period. You can also add a set of items to the schedule rule in order to recurring publishing. Moreover, listing logs will keep you clear informed of all the listing activities from the past, current to future.

Auto refill and relist

System could auto refill item QTY according to selected rule upon event of transactions, which benefit you from optimizing sales without waving eBay selling limits. What is more, you can also select to auto relist items after completed to ensure long-lasting sales positions.

Out-of-stock management

eBay allows listings to remain active when its quantity reaches zero. The listings are hidden from search until you increase the quantity while the selling histories of listings would be kept. It has been enhanced based on eBay design in order to assist sellers to end unnecessary listings at the right time on the fly.

Bulk editing

Systems offers a variety of ways for bulk editing profiles and live listings, such as revising prices and QTY by percentage or amount, updating item titles and changing shipping options, etc. We are one of a few systems which support bulk editing by uploading Excel files. This distinguishing feature makes amending hundreds of thousands of listings done in just a few minutes. It would be a great helper to enterprise level sellers.

Quick migration

Each eBay site contains its local rules and requirements. If you would like to list one item at multiple sites, extra changes to be in accordance with designated sites are normally required. Our quick migration feature will learn and remember these changes and make listing to new sites easier and quicker.

Elite listing templates

Our designers have prepared a large number of exquisite store and listing templates for you. All store templates are customizable. The professional templates can promote your business image and strengthen buying confidence of potential consumers. Most importantly, they are compatible with popular mobile devices which will maximize your selling.

Unlimited picture hosting

All registered users are legitimate for the privilege of unlimited picture hosting services. You can bulk upload abundant pictures to system in a short time. We also support replacing live pictures. Please bear in mind, the pictures is only available to be used on eBay platforms.


You have no need to go to eBay or PayPal to download transactions. We could automatically do so for you at ease. We not only provide complete sales management, but also have integrated the most popular logistic systems, like ePacket from China Post, ec-Ship from Hong Kong Post, eBay APAC shipping platform, and DHL, etc. From now on, it would be faster and easier to create packing lists and print shipping labels.

Information at one place

System would synchronize orders for all your eBay accounts automatically. The order detail is represented with other related information such as the payment information, purchase histories, and feedback scores of buyers, shipping info and previous communication records between buyers and sellers, etc. Additionally, you can also be notified if an order has unread message(s) attached. This one-place information feature ensures you a smooth order processing.

Multi-carrier integration

System has integrated eBay APAC shipping platform, eBay Hong Kong ShippingTool, DHL global mail parcel direct and Thailand Post, etc. This surpassing integration grants the possibility to manage multi-carrier orders in one platform with the access to order upload, label print, which in a row, lifts order sorting efficiency and deter duplicate shipment to some extent. We would keep on integrating with more shipping platforms and delivering more conveniences to you.

Auto carrier matching

Shipping matching rule is introduced to allow users to determine which order should use which carrier and shipping method as per item weight, cost, sold prices, eBay accounts, etc. Sales orders could be automatically assigned with appropriate shipping method in bulk following the predefined rules. Needless to say, it is handier to manage orders instead of manually assigning carriers one by one.

Bulk mark-ship

System supports bulk marking items as shipped. You can also use Excel files to do this. By uploading the files to system, the designated orders would be auto marked as posted. Even orders from different eBay accounts or eBay sites can be handled seamlessly with no problems.

Free-form data export

Our data download template offers a way to customize data as your own format for export. You can choose different columns in different sequence, or compose them as needed. It enables you to download and directly upload the data file to other systems, such as shipping companies without any amendment.

Customer relationship

Customer relationship You can quickly reply your eBay messages just like handling emails! You can use message templates to simplify your task. You can establish better customer experience and eBay account standing by adopting auto messages or emails which can be set upon specific time or events.

Email mode

Dealing with eBay messages is as easy as replying emails. System supports picture attachment, you can view pictures sent from buyers directly in our system and send pictures to buyers whenever you like. It enables you to communicate with customers vividly and free from frequent eBay logins.

Classified messages

eBay messages is classified and presented accordingly. You can customize private message rules, such as assigning the specific SKU related messages to designated customer supports. Classified messages would surely benefit you in explicit assignment and effective teamwork, and give managers a great reference for performance evaluation.

Automatic messages

Auto messages or emails can be set upon specific time or events. For instance, you can send auto notice mails to buyers when they pay you or when you send out the item. It saves your work and builds better customer experience and eBay account standing.

Messages templates

You can use message templates to alleviate work load. Label is supported in message templates which will be replaced with data when sending message. For example, if you insert a tracking number label {{Track_Code}} in a message template, it will be replaced with a real tracking number in emails sent to buyers. With message templates, you can handle huge volume of inquiries quickly, and improve customer support quality to a higher level through advanced use of auto messages.

Information at one place

When you are handling messages, you can also have a quick glance of related listing and order details at the same space. It keeps you staying on track and providing accurate and professional answers to buyers.

Feedback management

Feedback plays a vital role in customer management. Through our feedback management feature, you are able to leave auto feedback upon specific events, like after payment received. You can also leave bulk feedback or quick feedback to buyers manually.


Our simple inventory management would be your best guard in enhancing product sourcing, purchase order management, and logistics management. You can have a quick sign of your inventory status at any time and any place.

SKU-based design

Our inventory management is SKU based design. Each product is assigned with a unique code which is the basic unit for tracking item. SKU design helps standardizing product stock-in and stock-out as well as classification. From PO to sales till stock movements are fully traceable.

Multi-warehouse management

System supports multi-warehouse management. It not only can be used to manage many physical warehouses, but can also be used as virtual warehouses to tracking defective goods, etc.

Stock alert

In comparison with predefined stock alert figures and physical in-stock quantity, system would remind you with shortage or out-of-stock products. As a result, you would stay in update with inventory status and make responsive purchases.

Excel upload and download

You can export the inventory data at any time. You are also allowed to import data to update inventory through Excel files. If you are using multiple systems to manage business, our upload and download feature enables instant data synchronization between them with no hassle at all.

Purchase order

Our purchase order (PO) system supports bulk purchase orders creation. In addition, it also integrates with stock-alert functionality which allows you to create purchase orders for out-of-stock and shortage products on the fly. It is easy to use and helpful in strengthening PO creation efficiency.

Store spruce

Our cutting-edge eBay store management with integrated customizable listing template allows you to finish store spruce within a couple of hours, while creating a professional-looking listing costs no more than ten minutes. Most importantly, your listings would be compatible with all the modern mobile devices, such as iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, etc.

United style presentation

We have designed a large number of professional eBay store templates, and each comes with a same style listing template. Almost every part of store and listing template is customizable to ensure uniqueness of your business. Most importantly, you do not need to be specially equipped with webpage building knowledge to do so. As long as you have our lister and listing template, you can create one unique and professional-looking listing in several minutes in accorded fashion with your store.

Tailor design

If you are concerned about using similar store decorations as other sellers, or lack of knowledge about webpage building, or short of time, our 20-member designer team is always ready to help. At a low price of 299USD, you can get a tailor design to reach uniqueness of your store and listings.

Ideal mobile compatibility

At present, more than 35% of eBay transactions are completed on mobile ends, and the trend keeps boosting. Our premium listing templates are fully compatible with modern eBay mobile apps, including that for iPhones, Android Phones, Window Phones, iPads, and Android Pads, etc. Its responsive design also creates an instant and consistent presentation on most popular mobile browsers. In combination of using our promotion boxes, it will further increase sales and conversion rates.


While a potential buyer is viewing one of your items, showing your other items may encourage additional transactions and increase your overall selling volume.


Our promotion is in perfect cater for our listing templates. You can select to promote items on the top of, inside, at the bottom of listing template or on all available sections at the same time. Its presentation fits store templates and eBay pages without ruining the integrity and gorgeousness of listing design.

Customizable items

Unlike default eBay cross promotion, ours allows you to promote your own items, and in different data combos. Items can be filtered according to eBay accounts, store categories, prices, etc. and also support designated items. You can change rules whenever you like, and the promotion items of live listings would be updated immediately.


Our reports present a summary of listing, sales, payment, visitors and more. It enriches you to get access to business trends instantly.

Traffic analysis

Analyze traffic sources, and browsers used by buyers etc.

Listing analysis

Find out the items that require your urgent attention, for example, listings with no visitors.

Sales analysis

Analyze sales by time period, SKU, sites, and regions.

Buyer analysis

Analyze buyer origin and help to understand your customers.

Staff analysis

Analyze your staff performance, for example, the number of listings completed in a day, etc.

Total solution

PushAuction is a total solution for meeting almost every eBay business needs. We support fully end-to-end eBay business management from item listing, sales to customers. What is more, we also support multiple eBay accounts, users and currencies.

Role-based multi-user access control

System supports multi-users to access system at the same time. Roles and their access rights can be precisely defined and assigned to users. You can easily control the access rights of every team member in accessing different data.

Multiple eBay accounts

With only one PushAuction account, you can manage your eBay business of multiple accounts at the same time, including listings, sales, order dispatch and messages, etc. Moreover, you can also view the overall performance standing with system reports. With combination of user access control, you can make sure that only the permitted users can approach the related sales information.

Multiple eBay sites

You can publish listings, manage orders and messages of all the eBay sites simply be logging PushAuction. Our intelligent processing mode would help you migrate listings from one site to another on the fly and improve marketing efficiency greatly.

Multiple currencies

PushAuction supports all the PayPal official currencies. The currency rated would be updated automatically every hour. You can select the preferred currency according to your business needs, and system would transfer the records for your accordingly which would be very explicitly helpful for settlement and management.