Total solution

PushAuction is a total solution for meeting almost every eBay business needs. We support fully end-to-end eBay business management from item listing, sales to customers. What is more, we also support multiple eBay accounts, users and currencies.

Role-based multi-user access control

System supports multi-users to access system at the same time. Roles and their access rights can be precisely defined and assigned to users. You can easily control the access rights of every team member in accessing different data.

Multiple eBay accounts

With only one PushAuction account, you can manage your eBay business of multiple accounts at the same time, including listings, sales, order dispatch and messages, etc. Moreover, you can also view the overall performance standing with system reports. With combination of user access control, you can make sure that only the permitted users can approach the related sales information.

Multiple eBay sites

You can publish listings, manage orders and messages of all the eBay sites simply be logging PushAuction. Our intelligent processing mode would help you migrate listings from one site to another on the fly and improve marketing efficiency greatly.

Multiple currencies

PushAuction supports all the PayPal official currencies. The currency rated would be updated automatically every hour. You can select the preferred currency according to your business needs, and system would transfer the records for your accordingly which would be very explicitly helpful for settlement and management.