Customer relationship

Customer relationship You can quickly reply your eBay messages just like handling emails! You can use message templates to simplify your task. You can establish better customer experience and eBay account standing by adopting auto messages or emails which can be set upon specific time or events.

Email mode

Dealing with eBay messages is as easy as replying emails. System supports picture attachment, you can view pictures sent from buyers directly in our system and send pictures to buyers whenever you like. It enables you to communicate with customers vividly and free from frequent eBay logins.

Classified messages

eBay messages is classified and presented accordingly. You can customize private message rules, such as assigning the specific SKU related messages to designated customer supports. Classified messages would surely benefit you in explicit assignment and effective teamwork, and give managers a great reference for performance evaluation.

Automatic messages

Auto messages or emails can be set upon specific time or events. For instance, you can send auto notice mails to buyers when they pay you or when you send out the item. It saves your work and builds better customer experience and eBay account standing.

Messages templates

You can use message templates to alleviate work load. Label is supported in message templates which will be replaced with data when sending message. For example, if you insert a tracking number label {{Track_Code}} in a message template, it will be replaced with a real tracking number in emails sent to buyers. With message templates, you can handle huge volume of inquiries quickly, and improve customer support quality to a higher level through advanced use of auto messages.

Information at one place

When you are handling messages, you can also have a quick glance of related listing and order details at the same space. It keeps you staying on track and providing accurate and professional answers to buyers.

Feedback management

Feedback plays a vital role in customer management. Through our feedback management feature, you are able to leave auto feedback upon specific events, like after payment received. You can also leave bulk feedback or quick feedback to buyers manually.