Store spruce

Our cutting-edge eBay store management with integrated customizable listing template allows you to finish store spruce within a couple of hours, while creating a professional-looking listing costs no more than ten minutes. Most importantly, your listings would be compatible with all the modern mobile devices, such as iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, etc.

United style presentation

We have designed a large number of professional eBay store templates, and each comes with a same style listing template. Almost every part of store and listing template is customizable to ensure uniqueness of your business. Most importantly, you do not need to be specially equipped with webpage building knowledge to do so. As long as you have our lister and listing template, you can create one unique and professional-looking listing in several minutes in accorded fashion with your store.

Tailor design

If you are concerned about using similar store decorations as other sellers, or lack of knowledge about webpage building, or short of time, our 20-member designer team is always ready to help. At a low price of 299USD, you can get a tailor design to reach uniqueness of your store and listings.

Ideal mobile compatibility

At present, more than 35% of eBay transactions are completed on mobile ends, and the trend keeps boosting. Our premium listing templates are fully compatible with modern eBay mobile apps, including that for iPhones, Android Phones, Window Phones, iPads, and Android Pads, etc. Its responsive design also creates an instant and consistent presentation on most popular mobile browsers. In combination of using our promotion boxes, it will further increase sales and conversion rates.